CitruSafe® Heavy Duty Nylon BBQ Grill Brush



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Designed specifically for use with CitruSafe® BBQ Grill Cleaner, our CitruSafe® Heavy Duty Nylon BBQ Grill Brush is the perfect blend of our Nylon Grill Brush and our Heavy Duty Grill Scrubber! Because it has nylon bristles, you can clean your grill COOL without the fear of wire bristles getting lodged in grilled food! It also has a convenient scraper for the more stubborn messes in your grill’s cookbox.

  • Designed for use on COOL grill grates with CitruSafe® BBQ Grill Cleaner (sold separately)
  • Ultra stiff bristles allow for aggressive scrubbing
  • Nylon bristles avoid the unnecessary dangers associated with wire grill brushes
  • Convenient scraper blade cleans tough messes in your grill’s cookbox


Liberally apply CitruSafe®BBQ Grill Cleaner to COOL grill’s cooking grates and other areas soiled with grease. Allow cleaner to penetrate the grease for approximately 1-3 minutes. Use the CitruSafe® Heavy Duty Nylon BBQ Grill Brush to thoroughly scrub all pre-treated areas. Use the convenient scraper to scrub tough grease in the grill cookbox. Wipe cleaned areas with a damp paper towel.